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Fuzzed Out!

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Fuzzed Out! by Heavysoulbrutha on Mixcloud

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Uploaded on February 28, 2012
Duration: 77:40
Played: 3907 times

Fuzzed Out!SoulSistas And SoulBruthas! This selection comes from inspiration that I found whilst listening to some cloudcasts this week. Specifically, my good friend hipped me to a monster FUNKY tune from Bobby Franklin's Insanity in I was able to grab up the 45rpm this week and had to spin it. And this cool Rock mix called, via that got me thinking about some Soul & Funk records that feature a bit of nasty fuzz. I searched through the crates and found a few things that I thought fit quite well. A couple of these I hadn't dropped the needle on in quite a while, so it was a real blast putting this one together. I also dipped a little Led Zeppelin in there as I find their early records Soulful and Funky as hell!

As always, I do hope you DIG! Catch you on the FLIP!

Peace and SOUL,
HSB DaveB...